20th Day of Encounter

Please go further!

For the 20th time, the Stuttgart-based management consultancy Management Partner (MP) invited selected managers to the “Day of Encounter”, which took place at the end of March in the House of Architects in Stuttgart. The concept: Around 80 hand-picked top decision-makers learn at first hand from each other about company development projects of the past few months and look behind the scenes at what really happened. “Please go on” was the day’s main theme. Representatives of well-known companies (e.g. Trumpf), using examples from practice, showed how to shift or overcome boundaries in people’s heads, in business, and in leadership and collaboration.

“Please go on!” Participants in the 20th Day of Encounter discovered what lies behind the assumed boundaries in thinking and doing business and gained insight and inspiration through examples from practice, workshops, and encounters.

Participants in workshops discussed how to help managers and employees move toward greater transparency and self-management in the digital world and strengthen their ability to accept responsibility. There were topics that were fascinating, stimulating, and surprising for all participants, from “shaping generation change with trust”, to visionary and market-oriented change at Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG, to an example of long-term planning in volatile times. Between the thought-provoking discussions, participants had sufficient opportunity to network.

As in previous years, over 90% of participants confirmed that the day was worthwhile. Preparations for next year’s Day of Encounter have already started. And it will be a special one: Management Partner GmbH will celebrate its 50th company anniversary.