MP focuses its business model and strengthens consultant expertise

Management Partner (MP) expects drastic change in the consulting business and, with it, new demands on consulting and consultants. The company has therefore focused the consulting approach on company development.

Companies must increasingly achieve contradictory goals simultaneously, such as both growth and preventive restructuring, or continuous improvement in the existing but shrinking core business together with building of new business models that have unfamiliar competency requirements. These ‘both-and’ situations require hybrid consulting approaches that capture apparent contradictions in objectives and translate them into constructive project work. In addition to a logical, technical perspective, it is crucial to actively integrate the cultural and communicative perspective into project work right from the start.

Hybrid projects require a different consultant profile: Instead of just replicating customary solutions, consultants must be skilled in “networked thinking”. Adapting to the specific situation, integrating complementary competencies, and dealing with new patterns creatively and entrepreneurially are also of decisive importance. In this environment, the quality, attitude, and experience of the consulting team count more than ever.

MP has adapted its personnel to meet this development. Today’s 30 professionals, as well as 250 other consultants across Europe within the SPACE strategic alliance, fulfil the requirements predicted by MP. Six shareholders — some of them new — with complementary profiles ensure that the consulting approach stays focused on the task of business development. New shareholders since the beginning of the year are Dr. Philipp Glaser-Gallion – previously with Boston Consulting and TRUMPF – and Christine Anhammer, a change consultant since 2006 and with MP since 2012. Continuing to shape MP as shareholders, as they have done so for years, are the two managing directors, Jörg Glaser-Gallion and Alexander Vogl, as well as Thomas Sterk and Dr. Axel Weller.